More than Ultrasound

C-10 Probetester

Ease of work in everyday TEE-Disinfection

Simple and Safe operation

The C-10 Probetester is an automated system that simultaneously carries out an electrical residual current measurement (VDE 0715) during the disinfection process of TEE probes. The optimized, automated rinsing process enables a residue-free disinfectant removal.

The complete disinfection process runs fully automatically. The entire process is documented after each run.

Color Touch screen display

Computer connection via IP / Internet connection

Barcode Scanner Connection

Divided Process Tube

For complete preparation
in the RDG to avoid biofilm

Safety advantages

– User-friendly, minimal fumes from disinfection solutions
– Patient safety, as the probe is safely disinfected, rinsed and electronically tested (according to VDE 0715)
– No risk of overloading the probes by the disinfectant solution
– The C-10 Probetester is certified according to 93/42EEC, Annex II Class IIb

Benefit from a simple,
safe and fast preparation!

For further information please contact Mr. Stefan Best.